PSP 700 Potato Peeler – Normal 10 kg

The “Normal” non-EEC version of the PSP 700 10 kg professional upright potato peeler is made in AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade aluminium alloy, and is constructed with all the latest technological innovations.

The interior has an interchangeable abrasive sleeve that is easy to replace, and it has a single electromagnetic sensor located on the machine hatch. The machine is manufactured using only Italian materials in our own production facility.


  • Anodized cast aluminium rotor driven by a belt transmission,
  • cast-iron support with sealed bearings,
  • low-voltage keypad with card protected by an IP55 plastic box,
  • pre-fitted for insertion of the sieve filter application if required.

Technical details

Voltage: Kw 0,55T - Kw 0,37M V.230/400
Hourly production: kg/h 250
Weight: Kg. 32
Dimensions (LxHxP): cm 36x48x80

Exploded product