The first manufacturer of professional vegetable shredders

Founded in 1977, Pasquini was one of the first companies in Italy to produce vegetable shredders for use in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, canteens and community caterers. Pasquini vegetable shredders have always been renowned as reliable machines that give long-lasting service.

With the experience acquired in 40 years of activity, Pasquini has developed, designed and manufactured a complete range of professional food machines capable of satisfying all needs of the hotel and catering sector. Made originally in aluminium but now in AISI 304 stainless steel, Pasquini machines are manufactured using only Italian materials and in strict compliance with all applicable safety standards.

Pasquini's commercial strength consists in having maintained its corporate identity intact over the years. Quality, reliability and attention to details have always been an absolute priority in our work, and these characteristics have distinguished Pasquini ever since the outset.

Since 2016, the Pasquini company has welcomed Valentina and Martina, new members of the family business, who together with their father Paolo proudly pursue the company founded by their grandfather Sergio Pasquini in 1980.

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Pasquini sisters
100% Made-in-Italy food machines

100% Made-in-Italy food machines

Pasquini guarantees the quality of exclusively 100% Italian materials in the manufacture of its professional food machines. Outstanding experience allied with production methods with an absolute focus on quality constitute the company’s points of strength.

Manufactured using artisan skills in the Rimini production facility, Pasquini machines offer great quality, safety, robustness and reliability that give them extreme durability over time. The Pasquini brand is famous throughout the world, making traditional Italian excellence a fundamental part of its values.