Cutter PSP 500 6 Lt.

The PSP 500 6 litre cutter is manufactured using only Italian materials in our own production facility, and is constructed with all the latest technological innovations and in compliance with current EEC safety requirements. The machine is constructed entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade alloy.

The PSP 500 6 litre cutter is fitted with:

  • motor with mechanical braking system,
  • low-voltage 24 V electrical controls
  • digital touch-sensitive keypad.

The PSP 500 cutter is an extremely versatile machine that has a high work capacity and is particularly easy to use. It can be used for several functions:

  • chopping and mincing (meat, fish, parsley, basil, almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate),
  • whipping (mayonnaise, sauces, creams),
  • kneading (pasta, pizza, bread).


  • hub with sharp blades

Technical details

Voltage: Kw 0,75 M & T - V.230/400
Speed (gir./min.): 1.400
Weight: Kg. 22
Dimensions (LxHxP): cm 28x32x50

Exploded product

Blades for professional Cutter

You can combine all the professional cutter models to various types of blades:

  • Lama per Cutter forata

    Perforate blade for cutter

  • Lama per Cutter tagliente

    Sharp blade for cutter

  • Lama per Cutter dentata

    Toothed blade for cutter